• Dr. Erik Hohman
    Dr. Erik HohmanU.A.E
  • Dr. Fredrik Almqvist
    Dr. Fredrik AlmqvistU.A.E
  • Dr. Hatem Galal
    Dr. Hatem GalalKSA
  • Dr. Ibrahim ElGanzoury 
    Dr. Ibrahim ElGanzoury Egypt
  • Dr. Ibrahim Tuncay
    Dr. Ibrahim TuncayTurkey
  • Dr. Jorma Pajamaki
    Dr. Jorma PajamakiFinland
  • Dr. Juci Rantanen
    Dr. Juci RantanenU.A.E
  • Dr. Lesile Cannon
    Dr. Lesile CannonU.A.E
  • Dr. Maan Tabaa
    Dr. Maan TabaaU.A.E
  • Dr. Mohammed AlBluwi
    Dr.Mohammed AlBluwi KSA
  • Dr. Mohammed El Fekky
    Dr. Mohammed El FekkyU.A.E
  • Dr. Mojieb Manzary
    Dr. Mojieb ManzaryKSA
  • Dr. Murat Bozkurt
    Dr. Murat BozkurtTurkey
  • Dr. Nadir Darwish
    Dr. Nadir DarwishU.A.E
  • Dr. Nicolaas Budhiparama
    Dr. Nicolaas BudhiparamaIndonesia
  • Prof Nurettin Heybeli
    Prof Nurettin HeybeliTurkey
  • Dr. Peter Theobald
    Dr. Peter TheobaldU.K
  • Dr. Samih Tarabichi
    Dr. Samih TarabichiU.A.E
  • Dr. Sebastien Parratte
    Dr. Sebastien ParratteU.A.E
  • Dr. Tarek Abuzakuk
    Dr. Tarek AbuzakukU.A.E
  • Dr. Yaquob al Hammadi
    Dr. Yaquob al HammadiU.A.E
  • Dr. Yifei Dai
    Dr. Yifei DaiUSA
News / Updates
  • The Knee Symposium

    • 27 – 28 Oct 2018
      King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz University Hospital
  • Call for Abstract – The 7th ICJR ME 2019 Conference

  • Launching ICJR ME 2019 Diploma

    The ICJR Middle East is launching Diploma Courses in the below Specialties:

    • Implant Designing
    • Joint Bio mechanics
    • 3D Printing
    • Novel Arthroplasty Techniques

    Those who are interested to know more details, please email to [javascript protected email address]

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